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A Baggage Operational Database (BODB) is one of the most powerful tools in the aviation industry.  A powerful BODB will collect all baggage, passenger, and flight information messages, as well as information from any connected external system (e.g. a BHS, BRS, etc.) in real-time and store the data in a centralized location, thereby serving as a central repository for all baggage and passenger tracking information enterprise-wide.  By presenting this information through a centralized comprehensive view (e.g. a web client), the information can be used to enhance airports’ and airlines’ baggage and operations performance and management capabilities.  Every one of Brock’s SmartSuite Enterprise installations includes the SmartSuite Database, which serves as exactly this type of BODB for each of our customers, ensuring that they always have access to real-time information about their operations.

"The SmartSuite Enterprise Baggage Monitoring System delivered by Brock allows us to monitor our entire operation throughout North America in real-time, despite the fact that our enterprise is made up of baggage systems of different ages from a wide range of different OEMs. By collecting data into a centralized database and presenting it through a series of dashboards (both National and Station-specific), Brock has enabled us to establish enterprise-wide standards to improve overall baggage performance, identify areas for improvement, and increase customer satisfaction."

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Mark Zessin
Director of Baggage Performance, United Airlines

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