On Monday, March 14th at 3:45am, the new SmartSort Upper Level Sortation System went live in the North Terminal at Miami International Airport. The Upper Level Replacement project involved deploying Brock Solutions’ industry-leading SmartSort software to control “the Largest Conventional Baggage Handling System in North America”, including approximately 14 miles of conveyor, 42 programmable logic controllers (PLCs), 25 explosive detection machines, 38 sort destinations, 18 ticket counters, 16 manual encode consoles, 21 automated tag readers (ATRs), and the capacity to process more than 40,000 bags per day.

Despite the complexity of the BHS, Brock was able to deliver the new Upper Level System on-time, helping customers at Miami International Airport realize the benefits of an improved sortation control system. The new system includes upgraded flight scheduling capabilities, customizable reporting and dashboard design tools, PRTG proactive hardware status monitoring, and is one of the first projects in North America to make use of Brock’s new VMWare server redundancy solution.

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