Brock Solutions is now an official Business Partner of IT Partner Group, who provides software solutions for the logistics industry; specialized for ports, terminals, agencies, freight forwarders and stevedoring companies.

Dan Vandevenne, Brock Solutions’ Transportation & Logistics Business Unit Manager, remarked “Brock Solutions sees the need for automation and digitalization in airports, airlines, and distribution centers every day. With over 30 years of experience modernizing and automating processes, Brock Solutions is thrilled to share our experience and leverage IT Partner’s expertise to improve operations within the maritime logistics industry.”

Rob Jordan, founder and Managing Director of the IT Partner Group, said that “With the resources and knowledge of Brock Solutions it will be easier for us to service customers worldwide and to scale up. The experience of Brock Solutions combined with the products and expertise of IT Partner Group ensures that our customers benefit from an extensive range of innovative software solutions and services for Port and Terminal Management, Automation and Control. We feel confident that this partnership will help both companies grow worldwide.”

To learn more about Brock Solutions, our partnership with IT Partner, and how we can drive value for our customers in the marine and terminal operations space, contact us!

About Brock Solutions

Brock Solutions invests in long-term enterprise relationships with Terminal Operators, Airports, Airlines, Manufacturers, and Warehousing/Distribution centers all over the world. We specialize in providing industry-leading process automation, project/program management, software solutions, sustainment and consulting services that reduce operating costs, allow customers to get more out of their existing assets, and universally improve operations in a way that drives measurable value for each and every one of their customers.