A large, multinational Fortune 500 consumer goods company with sites around the world has awarded Brock a new program to design, configure and implement a Building Management System for a flagship manufacturing facility in North America.  

The manufacturer has been on a digital journey for the last several years, evolving its operations to be highly automated and data driven to enable continuous improvements on the factory floor, and create a high-performance culture.   This included the adoption of enterprise-wide Manufacturing Execution System (MES) technology, IOT for real-time visualization and Manufacturing Business Intelligence and analytics.  Incorporating Building Management Systems into the broader digital enterprise strategy was a key next step in the journey.

Traditionally the Building Management Systems lived in segregated island within Operations.  Systems were difficult for plant-floor technicians to troubleshoot, and the information contained in their proprietary black-boxes were impossible to extract. 

To help the customer meet their goals, Brock has developed a solution that leverages modern technology and our proven implementation and support best practices. The solution is based on Ignition’s visualization software and Rockwell’s automation hardware.  It communicates through BACNet among other protocols to a variety of subsystems operating in the plant – HVAC units, Chillers, Boilers, Air Compressors, Fans, Lighting Systems and Magnetic Door Locks.  Once implemented it will feed the enterprise-wide reporting and analytics tools which will add another dimension to their Business Intelligence systems, and will provide real-time and historical energy management information to help move the company towards its goal of being carbon neutral by 2030. 

An important part of why Brock was selected for this important program is our standards-based approach to providing operational solutions.  We have delivered a comprehensive set of Electrical, PLC, SCADA, IOT and MES standards that form the backbone of all operational systems across the enterprise to enable efficient deployments, streamline troubleshooting and ensure long-term robust, maintainable solutions.  These standards will be extended to cover Building Management Systems, now leverageable to other plants in the customer’s ecosystem.

To learn more about the solution, and Brock’s role in delivering the program, please contact us.

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