Brock Solutions is proud to announce that we have reached the highest status within MESA’s certification process as a “MESA-Recognized Business”. To achieve this status, our MOM/MES professionals have completed MESA’s most in-depth training programs, as well as committed our time and effort to the MESA community in a variety of working groups and technical activities. In addition, our leadership has been engaged for several years as Chairs of both the International and American boards helping to shape the direction and strategy of MESA as the organization continues to prosper and grow. By combining this educational dimension with 25 years of practical, hands-on design and delivery of MES/MOM solutions, Brock continues to be one of the largest, independent services organizations leading the field in the real-time operational space.

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About Brock Solutions

Brock Solutions is a global industrial automation, engineering software, and professional services company with industry expertise in Manufacturing, Transportation, and Utilities. Our solutions empower customers to access data, transform operations, and drive performance and efficiency, while reducing costs and risk.