Brock Solutions is excited to announce it has partnered with PTC and others to design, build, and implement a process manufacturing demonstration for the X-Factory, a smart manufacturing experience on display at the LiveWorx Digital Transformation Conference from June 10th – 13th, 2019 in Boston, MA.

This year’s X-Factory will feature a live, hands-on experience in the art of brewing beer, also known as BrewWorx, and will have all the hallmarks of a working brewery, from the brewhouse to the taproom. The X-Factory will take users through a step-by-step, full-lifecycle journey, from Engineering to Manufacturing, Testing, and Packaging, of how an actual product is manufactured in a smart factory.

Brock Solutions will be integrating the controls and monitoring infrastructure for the various brewing equipment and systems in the X-Factory BrewWorx. The solutions will use a hybrid-cloud deployment with some software hosted locally on the conference floor and some hosted in the cloud. A mix of PLCs, Edge Computers, Pumps, Temperature Controllers, Pressure Monitors, and Equipment Status Monitors will be integrated with software from ThingWorx, Vuforia, Kepware, FactoryTalk Analytics, and Cloud Databases.

LiveWorx is a one-of-a-kind digital transformation event for the industrial enterprise, bringing together 6,500+ technologists who will advance their business strategies, solve challenges, establish connections, experience disruptive tech demos and redefine the future of work. LiveWorx 2019 features keynote speeches from PTC President & CEO Jim Heppelmann, NFL SVP & CIO Michelle McKenna, and Singularity University Founder & Director Peter Diamandis, as well as the presence of Game of Thrones star Nickolaj Coster-Waldau.

In addition to the X-Factory BrewWorx demonstration, Brock Solutions will also be presenting during the Demo Power Hour, held Tuesday and Wednesday in Xtropolis. If you’re attending LiveWorx 2019, and would like to discuss the details of this solution or examples of Brock Solutions leveraging ThingWorx and other technologies in the real-time, digital manufacturing space, please contact Brandon Kennedy to set up a meeting.

For more information on the X-Factory and LiveWorx, please visit:

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