Brock Solutions will be jointly presenting with Stupp Corporation at the Rockwell TechED Conference in San Diego June 11 to June 13. Rockwell Automation TechED is a multi-day learning experience designed to give end users, system integrators, distributors, partners, and machine builders the chance to work with the latest Rockwell Automation products and technology solutions. Learn from industry leaders on how to achieve operational excellence, take your skills to the next level and develop plans to help drive increased productivity and profitability.

Stupp will be discussing their digital journey, and how with Brock Solutions’ help, they moved from an environment that had numerous disparate systems and islands of information on the plant floor to a fully optimized FTPC MES solution. The presentation will walk through how they got started, an overview of the MES solution implemented, lessons learned, and benefits they have experienced.

Stupp now has a modern MES platform that Brock Solutions will continue to evolve, and is now expanding into advanced analytics. This is another example of how Brock Solutions and Rockwell Automation are bringing valuable MES solutions to the metals industry, in this case leading to increased yield, improved quality, and greater overall traceability and data.

If you’re attending the event and you’re interested in learning more about our work with Rockwell, or in the metals industry as a whole, click here to arrange an in-person discussion.

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