Brock Solutions is continually striving to reduce its impact on the surrounding environment. Through initiatives such as promoting reusable water bottles usage in office spaces, to encouraging carpooling to work, Brock Solutions has been recently recognized for its adoption of sustainable practices within the local community


The 86 and 88 Ardelt Avenue offices in Kitchener, Ontario are being recognized for their green initiative in waste management through January to March of 2018. Within the Diversion Report provided by Waste Management (WM), the office spaces were able to successfully divert and recycle over 24% of their waste through the first quarter.

In Canada alone, the average individual produces over 377 kg of waste per year, and therefore Brock Solutions took on the challenge of becoming more sustainable, and has successfully:

  • Saved 17 mature trees
  • Avoided 4 MT of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Saved 5,683 Kw/Hr of electricity
  • Conserved 9,702 gallons of water

Brock Solutions continues to incorporate proper waste management practices within its office spaces, and hopes to continually improve on its diversion rate moving forward.

About Brock Solutions

Brock Solutions is an engineering solutions and professional services company specializing in the design, build and implementation of real-time automation solutions for broad-based industrial/manufacturing and transportation/logistics organizations globally. With 600 employees, Brock Solutions is a privately held, employee-owned organization with over 30 years of experience in the real-time solutions space.