Brock Solutions reached a milestone this month as our SmartBag Baggage Reconciliation System module; part of our SmartSuite Airline Solution offering went live at J.F.K Airport today for JetBlue. Brock Solutions’ SmartBag Reconciliation software is a powerful software application that automates the process of reconciling passengers and checked bags.

SmartBag also enables JetBlue staff to track bags from the sort pier to the aircraft, and to transfer points through inbound processing at destination locations, enabling JetBlue to provide a more streamlined and hassle free passenger experience and better meet their goal of providing superior service in every aspect of the air travel experience.

The solution launched today for JetBlue offers value to JetBlue operations including an innovative alerting system that notifies loaders via a hand-held terminal when a bag needs to be loaded or off-loaded, and an operations dashboard that tracks loading problems so they can be corrected prior to flight closure.

To learn more about SmartBag please click here.

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