Brock Solutions has announced the successful rollout of SmartBag (Baggage Reconciliation or BRS) for Virgin Australia, now in use at four sites across Australia (SYD, MEL, BNE, and PER). These deployments represent the first installations of SmartBag in Australia and are designed to accommodate the entire Virgin Australia Enterprise. Besides automating the process of reconciling passengers and checked bags for baggage handlers, SmartBag is foremost a Baggage Management System, based on real-time baggage and flight information. SmartBag is part of SmartSuite Enterprise, Brock Solutions’ proven and scalable centralized operational database and application platform, designed to help airports and airlines enhance baggage operations and management while improving the passenger experience.

In addition to deploying the Enterprise version of SmartBag, Brock also deployed our Enterprise Message Broker called SmartConnect. Virgin Australia was able to replace their existing baggage source message (BSM) distribution processes with SmartConnect, which provided Virgin Australia with 1) an integrated approach to solving various information and messaging delivery issues, and 2) direct control over their messaging, resulting in significant recurring cost savings in messaging costs.

This marks the first installation of SmartBag in Australia and is an exciting milestone for our SmartSuite Enterprise brand.