Since the rollout of Brock Solutions’ SmartSuite Enterprise last March, the operational database and application platform has significantly reduced Hawaiian Airlines’ mishandled baggage claims. Between October and December, Hawaiian Airlines recorded a 27% drop in mishandled baggage claims compared with the same period in 2017, as highlighted by Forbes. Brock Solutions’ SmartSuite Enterprise provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to help its customers enhance baggage operations and management while improving its passenger experience. Hawaiian Airlines deployed SmartSuite at most of its stations globally, excluding Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland, which will be going live this upcoming spring.

SmartSuite Enterprise displays real-time baggage and passenger information to the airlines for review, alleviating the manual process which had previously tracked the bags at Hawaiian Airlines. The software allows the ramp agents to have visibility into a variety of different key points of information on their mobile scanners, such as flight details, arrival and departure times, flight numbers and baggage counts. The software also alerts the agents of when a bag is being loaded into the incorrect cart, preventing lost luggage for the passenger.

“Our new baggage tracking system allows us to make better business decisions on whether we should hold a flight because we know where the bags of each of our guests are located,” says Eddy Ganir, an operations manager for Hawaiian’s Honolulu Control Center.

Brock Solutions is committed to not only improving the travel experience for the passengers, but also simplifying the baggage operations and management for airlines, airports and all parties involved. Read the full article here.

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