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When it comes to baggage handling operations, a malfunction or breakdown can have a huge impact on your bottom line. If a system goes down or needs maintenance, your O&M teams need to know exactly where to find the information they need to fix it—and fast.

DocHub is an intuitive document management tool that electronically delivers all O&M documentation and how-to videos at the click of a button, so maintenance teams can quickly find the information needed to solve problems on the spot, regardless of skill level or job function.

Take the Guesswork Out of BHS Operations & Maintenance

keep costs down

Enhanced Operations & Maintenance

System Integration

Quick & Easy Access to Drawings & Parts Info

energy efficient (eco mode)

Faster Incident Response & Resolution

System Integration

Consistent Training & Onboarding Processes

How does it work?

Built within the SmartSuite Web Client, DocHub links and maps mechanical and electrical drawings systemwide, so that documentation for specific components within a specific baggage handling system can be easily accessed in one place, enabling your teams to move faster and execute more efficiently.

After inputting the coordinates needed to retrieve the necessary documentation, DocHub will pull all details, including parts information and training videos, on one, easy-to- use screen, giving your teams quick and easy access to the correct drawing and parts information. 

System Integration

Next-Gen Organization

Build an experienced workforce and eliminate the need for repetitive field training with easy access to training videos or documentation in small, digestible pieces from anywhere.

System Integration

Documentation at the Click of a Button

Access the correct version of everything – from drawings to how-to videos – on one simple, easy-to-use screen.

System Integration

Multi-System Search

Search for documentation by terminal or system, drilling down by sector, conveyor, and/or panel.

Realize Significant O&M Cost Savings


Significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs with increased response
times and prevent the use of improper maintenance techniques that can cause
missed revenue and a loss of confidence in your brand.

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DocHub: A Single Source of Truth for O&M Training and Documentation

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