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We plan to tackle several subjects that we think are of interest to the space in the market that we term “real time operational solutions”. For us that includes industrial/manufacturing and transportation and logistics organizations and the companies that serve them.

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SmartBag – Comprehensive and Flexible Baggage Management

SmartBag – Comprehensive and Flexible Baggage Management

As we all know, the aviation industry is constantly evolving, and so we need to be more dynamic than ever before. With increasing passenger volumes and evolving regulations, there’s no question that your baggage management needs are also shifting. To help navigate...
Brock Solutions Mobile HMI

Brock Solutions Mobile HMI

As airports and airlines continue to expand, the need for efficient and effective baggage handling systems and operations become increasingly important. That’s why Brock Solutions has developed a new tool for operators and maintenance crews to be more mobile and...
Providing Self-Service Solutions for Passengers with SmartSuite

Providing Self-Service Solutions for Passengers with SmartSuite

Almost every passenger traveling today encounters self-service options throughout their journey. However, most airlines have not yet implemented full baggage tracking and notifications for passengers. As a result, many passengers still face major stressors in their...
SmartSuite – Beyond Baggage

SmartSuite – Beyond Baggage

SmartSuite has come a long way since our first product was created way back in 1996. With over 20 years of product development and more than 150 members on the SmartSuite team today, we have continuously been expanding the capabilities of our product offerings. What...
SmartConnect – A Flexible, Intelligent Centralized Message Broker

SmartConnect – A Flexible, Intelligent Centralized Message Broker

In a complex airline or airport environment, it isn’t necessarily practical or efficient to share data using disparate communication paths between your systems. While integrating systems to share data would provide significant operational benefits, implementing this...

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