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Consumer Products

Over the past several years CPG manufacturers have faced unprecedented challenges – margins have suffered from a rise in commodity prices, regulatory requirements are changing the reporting landscape and consumers themselves are more mindful than ever of the value and quality of the product they are purchasing. 

On the manufacturing front, consolidation continues to be a trend. As large enterprise companies look under-the-hood of their acquired operations they’re faced with a variety of systems, technologies and vendors, and a work force that’s closing in on retirement and taking their years of operational know how with them.

We Understand This

As our customers wade through these challenges they look to Brock to help transform their real-time operations to drive production efficiency, meet regulatory demands and enable a high-performance workforce. This often means working together to answer the questions “How do I get started? and When I look at my technology landscape, what should go where?” From here our role morphs from consulting and advising to designing, testing and implementing. Solutions we deliver in the space cover the automation, MES and ERP integration layers, and are always delivered against a backdrop of continuous improvement. For our clients, that means that we don’t deliver and then dash. Our mission is to operate together in the spirit of a long-term partnership and to ensure that what we delivered is driving real business value.

What Makes Us Different

We are one of the few companies that can claim full integration capabilities in the real-time space. Our 400 engineering professionals deliver automation, MES, Manufacturing IT and project management services as a holistic package. We are not a controls company dabbling in MES, or an MES company dabbling in controls – this is our business and has been for 25+ years.

As we approach the completion of our MES project effort, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our journey and extend our thanks to the entire Brock organization. Three years ago when we started the MES project, few of us could have envisioned the success that this project would achieve…we are on the home stretch of delivering this large effort on time and on budget with a very high level of business adoption. The MES project is a great example of what can be accomplished when you combine talented business and technical resources with a passion for success and winning and a business ripe for change

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