Brock Solutions will be hosting a new webinar session “How to Get Started with MES” as part of their Executive Point-of-View (POV) program. When it comes to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), business leaders often struggle with understanding, in practical business terms, what MES is and what it can mean for their organization. Brock’s POV program helps frame MES in a business context, working with senior leadership to articulate the value of a potential solution and the guiding principles required for implementation success.

We often hear questions like: How do we go about replacing our legacy systems? By function, area, site?
Should we just replace in kind? Who should be engaged and who should own the MES transformation? Why don’t we just do a quick prototype on a single machine?

Our latest session in the Executive Point of View Program will help answer these, and many more, questions by covering these three areas;

  • Understand how to get started on a MES transformational journey
  • Realize companies are at all different stages and maturity, which means they need to grasp where they are at before they begin
  • Provide case study examples and common threads on how to start

Presenter, Greg Cantlon from Brock Solutions has been providing Consulting and Education around MES for the past 15 years, and is happy to share his perspectives during the webinar. Greg is a Business Unit Leader at Brock and the lead on many large real-time operations programs. The webinar will be interactive and will allow time for questions and answers.

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