Brock Solutions is happy to announce that SmartBag Grouping has successfully gone live at Vancouver International Airport!

SmartBag Grouping provides YVR a tool for managing their Manual Early Bag Storage.  The tool uses real-time data and allows users to create groups for baggage based on criteria such as time, flight, and airline. Critical information is delivered to baggage handlers in the field when they need it, on their handheld device, or on an information display.

Baggage is handled more efficiently during loading, and tracking information can be shared with other authorized SmartSuite users. The tool can also send Tracking BPMs and integrates SmartBag Reconciliation Action Items for recalled bags, or bags that have a status change that makes them ineligible for a certain group.

We asked some of the YVR team what it was like working with Brock throughout this project and what operational benefits they expect to see from this system. Below is what they had to say.


How would you describe the workshop, design, development, and configuration process with Brock compared to other experiences you’ve had?

“Brock Solutions helped bring my idea and concept to a fully developed product ready for industry use. It was a pleasure to work with a knowledgeable team that not only delivered what was requested but also added value and contributed to the emerging needs of the business and industry. ”


How would you describe the deployment process and the operational acceptance of the system?

“Brock has been very supportive in transitioning the system to full use and operation. We had a seamless experience through Factory Acceptance Testing, remote testing sessions, the training process, and the deployment to the production server.”

– Raymond Young, Asset Integrity Specialist, Vancouver Airport Authority


What is the operational benefit you’re already seeing and what benefits do you expect to see? How does that add to YVR’s operational excellence?

“What started as a simple and cost-effective need for a tool to enable our Early Bag Storage program is now a robust and comprehensive solution to manage out-of-system bags that can be used for a wide variety of operational processes. This collaboration with Brock has given us a tool that enables a variety of baggage delivery programs and contingencies. SmartBag Grouping software will help YVR Baggage Operations achieve greater efficiency and continue to deliver a world-class passenger experience. I am very proud of what Brock and the YVR team has achieved in this project.”

– Allen Yuarata, Manager, Baggage Operations, Vancouver Airport Authority


Hand-held flow of adding bags to a group

Want to learn more about SmartBag Grouping? Watch the video below and feel free to get in touch with one of our experts!

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