The water industry is changing. The legacy systems that have been staples of the industry are starting to be replaced with more functional, adaptable, and cost effective alternatives such as Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform. Brock Solutions has been delivering Ignition solutions across many industries, including water and wastewater, for the past five years and is disrupting a status-quo that has been relatively untouched for many years. Our customers are benefiting from highly effective systems that close the gap between the Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) worlds, allowing us as an Integrator to solve complex problems spanning across water and wastewater enterprises.

Brock Solutions was featured on Ignition Community Live, a series of weekly webinars hosted by Inductive Automation. Our session, “Take the Plunge! Ignition as a Water SCADA”, covers what we’re seeing in the industry, how others are doing it, why Ignition is attractive, and closes with takeaways for water authorities.

Watch the webinar to see how Brock and Ignition are a complete water solution for your water authority:

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About Brock Solutions

Brock Solutions is a global industrial automation, engineering software, and professional services company with industry expertise in Manufacturing, Transportation, and Utilities. Our solutions empower customers to access data, transform operations, and drive performance and efficiency, while reducing costs and risk.