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Airport/Airline Intelligence Software

The business of running airports and airlines in today's fiercely competitive global market requires constant focus on:

  • Improving the passenger experience while dealing with reductions to the "bottom line"
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Optimizing baggage handling and passenger processing procedures
  • Examining all facets of airport and airline operations with the overall objective of streamlining operations.

Brock Solutions' SmartSuite solutions are designed to help airports and airlines run at optimal levels of performance with reduced operating costs.

Brock's SmartSuite solutions:

  • Provide overall system visibility through a centralized database that:
    • Stores lifecycle data for each passenger and their checked baggage
    • Is accessible using web-based dashboards, reports, and searches
  • Reduce costs by:
    • Automating labour-intensive processes
    • Decreasing mishandled baggage
    • Improving on-time flight departures
  • Enhance the speed and accuracy of processes through automated technology and "best-practice" business logic
  • Improve the passenger experience by reducing queuing times, improving airport/airline-to-passenger communications, and streamlining the overall check-in/boarding process


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