SmartBag 50 

SmartBag Passenger-Baggage Reconciliation/RecoverySmartBag Reconciliation

Efficient Baggage Reconciliation

Brock Solutions’ SmartBag Reconciliation software:

  • Is a powerful software application that automates the process of reconciling passengers and checked bags by providing baggage handlers with clear indication of which bags are authorized to be loaded onto an aircraft, based on real-time information.
  • Includes an innovative alerting system that notifies users via a hand-held terminal when a bag needs to be loaded or off-loaded, and an operations dashboard that tracks loading problems so they can be corrected prior to flight closure.
  • Tracks bags from the sort pier to the aircraft, and to transfer points through inbound processing at destination locations.

Benefits of SmartBag Reconciliation

Airports and airlines using SmartBag Baggage Reconciliation are realizing benefits, such as:

  • Centralized searching and reporting capabilities.
  • Enhanced automation and synchronization of commonly used functions vital to bag/passenger reconciliation.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Reduced risk of mishandled baggage.
  • Decreased time spent reconciling bags with passengers.
  • Improved on-time departure metrics.
  • Improved passenger experience.


 SmartBag Recovery


Brock Solutions’ SmartBag Mobile Baggage Recovery software:

  • Is a powerful software application designed to automate the various manual, labour-intensive processes typically associated with the handling of delayed bags.
  • Runs on a mobile workstation that reduces the amount of legwork required by airline/airport agents. With SmartBag Recovery, the agent can take the workstation to the bags instead of returning bags to a dedicated workstation.
  • Interfaces with the WorldTracer global database/bag tracing system used by 1960 airports and 350 airlines worldwide.

Benefits of SmartBag Recovery

Airports and airlines using SmartBag Baggage Recovery are realizing time and cost expenditure savings in the form of:

  • Agents requiring less time to input "delayed" bags into the airline system.
  • Less time to link the delayed bag information with WorldTracer and receive acknowledgements back.
  • Agents no longer having to manually determine the reflight route because SmartBag Recovery’s built-in logic automatically suggests options for reflighting bags, which expedites the process.
  • Multiple manual processes are now automated and synchronized to accelerate the entire process, resulting in overall cost savings.
  • The ability to provide passengers with real-time information on the location of a delayed bag, allowing the airport/airline to improve the overall passenger experience.


SmartBag Inbound Scanning


Completing the Journey

Brock Solutions' SmartBag Inbound Scanning software:

  • Is a powerful software application that automates the process of collecting/storing/releasing inbound scan data from bag tags.
  • Provides airports and airlines with performance data for every flight that is unloaded onto a claim-feed belt.

Benefits of SmartBag Inbound Scanning

Airports and airlines using with Brock Solutions’ SmartBag Inbound Scanning software realize optimized business operations in the form of:

  • Expanded visibility into unloading performance - Inbound scanning grants airports and airlines visibility into unloading performance for each claim unit.
  • End-to-end tracking capabilities – Data collected from SmartBag Inbound Scanning software can be combined with other scanned data to provide end-to-end baggage tracking.
  • Increased protection against fraud – Data collected and stored by SmartBag Inbound Scanning software can serve as proof that a bag was offloaded from a particular aircraft, offsetting fraudulent claims issued against airlines and/or airports.
  • Automated Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring/confirmation - Data collected and stored by SmartBag Inbound Scanning software can be used to generate performance data reports required to ensure that SLA conditions are met.

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