Toledo, Ohio’s primary newspaper, The Blade, recently upgraded their Reel Tension Paster (RTP) systems by completing seven Goss Static Belt RTP upgrades, adding a PC-based Folder Console HMI and incorporating the Brock Solutions Advanced Press Reporting System. The entire upgrade was performed by teams from Masthead International and Brock Solutions, a systems integrator with offices in Ontario, Texas, and British Columbia. The project started in April of 2009 and lasted 5 weeks. This time frame included preparation, equipment removal, installation of new equipment, cleanup, and training.

Before the upgrade, The Blade press and maintenance departments found themselves regularly tending to paster breaks, without a clear cause to the problems. After the upgrade in April/May 2009, however, the average number of rolls per paster break began to increase dramatically with The Blade’s use of the Advanced Press Reporting System to pinpoint and eliminate problems. From a starting average of 40 rolls per paster break, they improved steadily over the course of the past 2 years, until their recent (and most impressive) achievement: 1252 rolls without a single paster break. This may be an industry record.

Steve Banks, director of production at The Blade, explains that the capital project’s goal was to “improve reliability, efficiency, and reduce downtime and waste.” and that the project “has allowed us to maintain high statistical accuracy along with achieving bottom-line results. By establishing effective system for information retrieval we now have the strong ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems. Brock Solutions has allowed us to use systematic methods to accomplish more in less time, and we are now experiencing our earliest off times, lowest waste, and lowest downtime in recent memory here at The Blade.” Joseph Zerbey, President and General Manager at The Blade, says that “one of the best decisions we’ve made recently is to partner with Brock Solutions in the RTP systems.”

About Brock Solutions

Brock Solutions is an Engineering Solutions company. Brock Solutions` Printing Group specializes in providing technologically advanced solutions designed to minimize interruptions to normal production. Brock`s experience and technical know-how allow for the integration of new and existing equipment, while at the same time laying the groundwork for future upgrades.

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