For an industry in the throes of a lot of change – adopting new digital technology, doing more with less, living through the realities of COVID-19 – Water & Wastewater authorities and operators are reconsidering how they approach Operations & Maintenance to save money and drive continuous improvement.

More and more, Brock Solutions is being asked to deliver O&M services but in a different way than the industry has traditionally gone about it.  It’s no longer just about responding to incidents when they happen – that’s just table stakes.  Now it’s about using digital tools to proactively prevent problems before they happen in the first place, and lean-out inefficiencies and costs.

Brock’s depth of resources, hovering around 600 engineering professionals, means we can take on roles that were traditionally staffed in-house by an already burdened workforce.  Our expertise in both OT and IT water solutions allows us to respond quickly and cost effectively, often saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.  This short video tells the story of our growing water O&M practice…


If you’re interested on learning how High Tech O&M is being used by manufacturers or want to know if this model works for you, please feel free to reach out!

About Brock Solutions

Brock Solutions is a global industrial automation, engineering software, and professional services company with industry expertise in Manufacturing, Transportation, and Utilities. Our solutions empower customers to access data, transform operations, and drive performance and efficiency, while reducing costs and risk.