SmartBag is Brock Solutions’ comprehensive Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) for airports, airlines, and ground handlers and a key module within our SmartSuite platform. SmartSuite is our proven and scalable application platform, providing a wide-ranging collection of real-time technology products to help our airport and airline clients enhance their baggage operations and management while improving the passenger experience. 

Enabling our customers to meet regulatory requirements for a BRS, SmartBag can be used by an airport or airline to track baggage through the aircraft loading process.  It also provides a means to generate and capture the all-important data from the baggage reconciliation process. Smaller operations, or those with infrastructure challenges who find little value in having a comprehensive BRS deployed across their airports or terminals, can still gain measurable value from having bag data from their smaller or manual airports.  

SmartBag provides one solution that can be deployed in several different ways, regardless of the size of the operation, to reconcile checked bags with their passengers, and reduce mishandled and delayed bags while improving overall bag room performanceCustomers can connect their chosen devices to the SmartSuite Servers via Wi-Fi or cellular (Device and SIM card can be provided internally or by Brock). From a full-scale BRS with ruggedized scanners to a smartphone running the Android SmartBag app, every operation can take advantage of real-time baggage data.  


An industry-leading full Baggage Management System (BMS) that provides end-to-end baggage reconciliation,  tracking and recovery.

SmartBag Lite
An infrastructure-free, bring-your-own-device option for rapidly deploying a reliable Baggage Reconciliation System, anywhere.

SmartBag Snap
An infrastructure-free way to digitalize load information from Bingo Sheets in one easy step, by snapping a picture. SmartBag Snap


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