In fast-paced, complex airport and airline environments, we often see a wide variety of operational systems, typically from different manufacturers and of different vintages. These systems generally do not share data, creating “blind spots” that limit operational efficiency and can cause a dramatic increase in the number of mishandled bags. Brock Solutions has operated in these environments for decades, and is proud to showcase a reimagined SmartSuite Enterprise: utilizing data to drive performance and meaningful change.

SmartSuite Enterprise is designed specifically to eliminate blind spots by providing invaluable functionality to our users, including:

  • Ingestion of data from an unlimited number of operational systems
  • Centralized, high-level visibility across the entire operation
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Historical searches and reports
  • Deeper analysis of key metrics via root cause analysis

By collecting data from these systems and presenting it in a cohesive, consistent manner, SmartSuite Enterprise allows our customers to break down the silos that exist between the systems across their networks, and shine a light into the dark corners of their operation. Problems can be identified quickly, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

To learn more about SmartSuite Enterprise, and to get a sneak peak into our new Business Intelligence Engine, SmartSuite Insight, watch the video below, and get in touch with one of our SmartSuite experts!

About Brock Solutions  

Brock Solutions works with Manufacturers, Airports, Airlines, Water Authorities, and Warehousing/ Distribution centers all over the world. We provide industry-leading automation projects, software solutions, sustainment and consulting services that reduce operating costs and extend the life of existing systems, universally improving operations in a way that drives measurable value for each and every one of our customers.

SmartSuite Enterprise enables airports and airlines to deploy technology solutions that provide process automation and drive performance improvements. Whether its SmartSuite Enterprise or any of the other modules available, SmartSuite applications can be implemented as standalone systems or integrated with other modules, providing complete end-to-end tracking of passengers and their baggage. 

We provide Powerful Systems that are Simple to use and inspire Meaningful Change.