A significant investment in the port’s infrastructure is underway at Rosslare Europort, a pivotal gateway for European trade. However, it has not been without its challenges. Discover how Brock Solutions turned these challenges into an opportunity, showcasing the power of flexibility and innovative solutions in port operations management.

The Challenge:

Limited Yard Space Capacity Due to Construction Activities

The expansion of Rosslare Europort, while a sign of progress and growth, presented a significant challenge: limited yard space. As construction activities ramped up, the available area for trailer storage dwindled, necessitating a creative solution that would also allow for operational visibility.

Brock’s Approach:

Quickly Adapt to Rosslare’s Operational Necessities

In ensuring that the port continue to function efficiently throughout construction, the SmartPort Team at Brock Solutions quickly designed and deployed Remote Yard Gate-In and Gate-Out Track and Trace, an easy-to-use system to track vehicle entry and exit from an offsite trailer storage yard.

This flexible, tablet-based system, used remotely over 4G, automatically records vehicles entering or exiting the offsite storage yard, providing visibility of trailers and capacity to port operators.

The Outcome:

Rosslare Maintains Operational Capacity Through Construction

By establishing a remote yard inventory system and tying remote vehicle records into a port-wide track and trace system, Rosslare Europort was able to supplement yard trailer storage using offsite locations while maintaining real-time visibility over trailers, irrespective of their location. This strategic move not only helped the port maintain operational capacity but also set a new standard for managing logistics during periods of significant infrastructural changes.

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