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Marine & Terminal Automation

To meet the increasing demand that stress existing terminal operations, it is critical to make smart investments now and quickly bring systems in-line with an integrated port solution for the future. Manual processes that depend on paper, siloed data, and disparate systems, aren’t scalable. Furthermore, these processes lack the visibility required to avoid costly inefficiencies, and errors.

Our focus is making technology drive significant business value, whether you’re looking to streamline planning incoming arrivals, improve real-time tracking of the flow of goods and containers, efficient yard management, loading and unloading, berth planning, or conducting various required inspections. 

digital transformation


digital transformation


digital transformation


digital transformation


digital transformation


Brock Solutions is a recognized Solutions Partner with Port Technology International and the ACPA.

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Digital Automation Systems Integration

  • As one of the largest Independent digital integrators specializing in real-time automation software we look at the big picture. Not just the performance of one type of machinery or a specific reporting system but “From the shop floor to the top floor and everything in between”, we provide turnkey operational systems that drive business value for our customers.
  • Our sole focus is to transform our customers business into a modern digital operation that enable them to use real-time data to drive continuous improvement and scalability.
  • “Just in time approach” to managing the staging, loading and unloading processes in order to minimize dwell times throughout.

Digital Transformation

  • As the IT and OT worlds continue to converge, our teams understand the technologies, connectivity and security challenges in connecting real-time actionable data with customer decision makers.
  • We focus on improving moves per hour, maximize yard utilization, and improved operational visibility for better forecasting.
  • Reducing operating costs, automating tasks and functions, and driving performance improvement.

Digital Twin

  • ‘Digital twin’ has been part of our project methodology for over 20 years.
  • Our methodology is built around risk mitigation, leveraging the latest emulation and simulation technologies. “Brownfield” sites are core to our business expanding and integrating with existing systems.
  • Maximize up-time and Improve Equipment Productivity; moves per hour, minimum moves per container.

Integration Consulting / Solutions Architect

  • Documenting sequential message flow diagrams, communication between different systems, modules, and devices
  • Systems architecture diagrams and mapping communications between the different systems (such as GOS, TOS, Truck appt systems) and components (OCR, scale, RFID, HW devices)
  • Support on-site commissioning, development of testing plans, FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing).

Use Cases

Operational Improvements through SCADA, Dashboarding & Reporting

Performance improvement and monitoring of cranes and equipment, automated handling equipment, status of gates, yards and berths – using the latest technologies digital automation software technologies Brock provides cost effective solutions to help gain operational efficiencies that are lost through paper & manual processes, siloed data and disparate systems, and overall lack of visibility.

OT Enterprise Standardization

Our approach is to centralize real-time operational data from OT systems (Cranes, equipment, etc) using a data concentrator – this layer of abstraction feeds data in a standard way to higher lever systems (TOS, BI, etc) across the entire enterprise making it easier to compare metrics across sites helping to drive continuous improvement.

Systems Integration (Brownfield and Greenfield)

We have a very unique “As-Is / To-Be” Workflow methodology that leverages the ISA-95 model used across multiple industries. This allows us to clearly define what goes where in the various port systems landscape and identify key touch points and areas to automate / optimize operator interaction. We use these workflows throughout our implementation methodology with highly leveraging Emulation & Testing ultimately making sure that when new automation equipment (cranes, RTG’s) come on line everything works together the first time as one eco-system. We are just kicking off a large System Integration project with one of the world’s largest Terminal Operators on a new container handling expansion.

OCR/Gate Systems

As specialists in automation integration we have worked with many different OCR/vision technologies – from legacy to the latest generation, and we can meet the needs of any port.  We can augment existing OCR/GOS systems and harvest richer data from them in order to improve operational visibility and performance. Conversly, we solution entirely new turn-key systems that provides future flexibility and expansion into an overall solution architecture.


We work with our strategic partner, IT Partner, to design and implement an independent cost effective TOS and PCS systems based on an open data architecture platform called Center Suite.  Easy and efficient planning of yards and vessels, inspection, and invoicing, CenterSuite is currently operating the largest Short Sea Terminal in Europe.

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