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As the logistics industry continues to rebound from the slow down early in 2020, the competitive landscape is evolving.  Changing market conditions and geopolitical landscapes demand agile, flexible, and responsive supply chains.  Only organizations leveraging real-time digital data and highly automated systems will meet these demanding and changing conditions. 

Brock Solutions is an independent integrator in the real-time digital automation space. We help our customers across all industries respond to their market demands by leveraging cutting edge technologies and operational data.

Brock Solutions is a recognized Solutions Partner with Port Technology International.
System Integration

Systems Integration

digital transformation

Digital Transformation


digital transformation

Drive Business Value 


What Makes Us Different?

World’s largest Independent Digital Automation Systems Integrator

  • Our sole focus on modern digital technologies enables us to help our customers by leveraging operational data to drive continuous improvement.
  • We bring over 30 years of experience modernizing and automating processes across a wide range of industries.

We understand IT & OT

  • As the IT and OT worlds continue to converge, our teams understand the technologies, connectivity and security challenges in connecting real-time actionable data with customer decision makers.
  • “From the shop floor to the top floor and everything in between”, we provide turnkey IT and OT systems that drive business value for our customers.

Our Unique Project Methodology 

  • Our methodology is built around risk mitigation, leveraging the latest emulation and simulation technologies. “Brownfield” sites are core to our business expanding and integrating with existing systems. 

A Focus on Customer Outcomes

  • Reducing operating costs, automating tasks and functions, and driving performance improvement.
  • Maximize up-time and Improve Equipment Productivity; moves per hour, minimum moves per container
  • Minimizing dwell times

Problems We’re Solving

We know what you’re dealing with

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Reducing Cost per TEU

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Leveraging Data for Operational Decision Making

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Increasing Efficiency & Reducing Turn Time

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Simplifying Planning & Execution

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OT Cybersecurity


Reducing Commissioning & Start Up Time

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One Stop Shop for Systems Integration

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Smart Solutions

What Is SmartSuite?

Simple Solutions that inspire meaningful change


Baggage Handling Systems, Bag Drop Solutions, BRS, and more


Baggage Management Systems, BRS, Passenger Notifications, and more

Ground Handlers & Smaller Operations

BRS, Bag Tracking, and more

Featured Solutions

SmartSuite Enterprise

Enterprise-wide baggage management. See Everything, through a single pane of glass.


Proven, accurate sortation software and HLC


Reconciliation, tracking, and recovery


Cargo reconciliation and tracking

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Touchless Passenger Monitoring & Processing
Operations & Enterprise Management
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Passenger Monitoring & Processing
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