At this point, I think we’re all tired of reading the typical preamble that accompanies any discussion of COVID-19 – yes, it’s changing our lives, and yes things won’t be the same as they were.  What’s really interesting at this particular snapshot in time, and what we thought might interest you more, is how we’re seeing the manufacturing community react.

We’re seeing manufacturers, across industries, accelerate some digital initiatives that have been in limbo for a while.  They may not look the same as they did 3 months ago, but there is now an urgency to adopt plant floor technology and automation to keep the lights on and protect the workforce. 

This month’s VLOG highlights some trends we’re seeing around technology adoption for things like contact tracing and social distancing.  But equally high on the list of priorities is a renewed look at general automation, and a model that allows operational continuity even if people can’t be on the plant floor as they once were.  What’s really interesting is that these solutions are not being looked at in isolation, or as a one-shot deal to be thrown away once things get back to normal.  Feels much more like a step change, where manufacturing leaders are moving towards their Smart Manufacturing goals at a quicker pace and for the long term.   

If you’re interested in learning more about how COVID-19 is impacting manufacturing operations, we’re happy to share what we’re seeing and hearing from our customers – just reach out!