Traditional baggage information displays are often limited in the information that they can provide to baggage handlers as they load flights, and generally do not include information on the current location of bags. Separate displays are required for Customs Recalls, resulting in baggage handlers having to check multiple sources in order to get a clear picture of the load progress for each flight, as well as whereabouts for each bag.

Brock’s new SmartSuite Baggage Information Displays (BIDs) software provides an integrated view of bag loading progress that uses industry standard messaging to incorporate a variety of information from multiple systems (e.g. sortation, BRS, Customs recall systems). Baggage handlers are now provided with the following data as they load each flight:

  • Flight information – flight number, destination, aircraft type, fin number
  • Departure information – Departure time, status, gate number, drive time to gate
  • Expected bag information – Total expected, local vs. transfer
  • Load progress information – Loaded count, not loaded (by local vs. transfer), bags in sorter and on lateral, percent loaded

SmartSuite BIDs provides information about each bag’s location in the sortation system, allowing for situational awareness and decision making in order to reduce mishandled bags. The displays also provide visibility into recalled bags (i.e. bags that need to be delivered to Customs for inspection), allowing handlers to locate recalled baggage quickly and efficiently. The displays include a “gamified” element, where a customizable visual indicator (e.g. a fireworks display) is played to notify handlers when scanning for a flight is complete.

Lateral Displays 2021 – 100% Compliance Reached

SmartSuite BIDs brings increased awareness to the location of bags to be loaded for each flight, and reduces infrastructure costs by combining information from multiple systems, thereby requiring fewer displays in the bag room. Readability of displays is improved, matching the bag room process flow. The system is completely web-based and cloud-hosted, and is fully integrated with Brock’s SmartSuite Enterprise software to provide additional depth of data. An initial single-airline pilot of the SmartSuite BIDs at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) resulted in an astonishing decrease in missed bags of over 50%. The system is now being promoted to a full airport-wide production deployment for any airline looking to take advantage of the improved access to information.

The SmartSuite BIDs system is now available for deployment at any airport. To learn more about SmartSuite BIDs, get in touch with one of our SmartSuite Experts!


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